Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office

The Principles of our Office

HUMAN RESOURCES are indispensable to a company’s growth.
Are your thoughts and feelings as the CEO being properly conveyed to and understood by the employees?
Are your at ease in employing PEOPLE?
Do you not feel uneasy about taking on further PEOPLE?
Unless known by the employees, no matter how wonderful a destination the CEO decides upon, it is impossible

for everyone to head in the same direction.

Believing that the COMPANY and its PEOPLE, by sharing the same thoughts and feelings leads to improved

business performance, and furthermore believing that only by not having to worry about personnel

and labour matters can a CEO devote himself fully to the main business of the company, do we, as professionals,

fully commit ourselves to supporting you.
Please feel confident to discuss your issues with us.

Representative, Labour and Social Security Attorney, Kaori Honda

Main Business Areas

DISABILITY PENSION consulting for those who are unable to work as they

would wish due to sickness or disability.

The drawing up of RULES OF EMPLOYMENT to facilitate the development of

business enterprises.

The undertaking of VARIOUS SOCIAL INSURANCE PROCEDURES to deal with

and otherwise related to industrial injuries.

Fast and accurate PAYROLL ACCOUNTING. 

Application for GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES which don’t require repayment !

Distinguishing Features of our Office



Outstanding ability to communicate combined with a global sense.

The role of a labour and social security attorney is to align the feelings of

a company and its employees.

We can get close to a person’s feelings and if necessary help communicate

between the Japanese and English languages.



We are available for consulting ANYTIME, QUICKLY,


Unlike the large labour and social security offices, we offer the comfort

of closer relationships with clients.

We are available to answer phone calls or respond to mails at any time.

Please feel free to consult without regard to business hours

(if relatively non-urgent, please contact us between the hours of 9:00 and 19:00).



We endeavour to give advice in an easy to understand fashion,

from the viewpoint of the client.

Rather than concentrating on trivial matters, we view the reaching

of the goal of the client as being more important.

We give advice based on genuinely useful WISDOM rather than

on abstruse legal knowledge.

By not making simple judgments as to whether legally something

is black or white, we give weight to providing reassurance and convenience to the client.



Cheerful and brisk, we respond empathically to any concerns,

no matter how small.

It is lonely running a company.

If you find yourself thinking “Who should I talk to about this? “ ,

then please start by talking to us.

Kaori Honda

Kaori Honda

Labour and Social Security Attorney
Representative, Honda Social Insurance and 
Labour Consultant Office

Kaori Honda is the Representative of Honda Social Insurance and Labour Consultant

In September 2012, admitted to the Kanagawa Labour 
and Social Security Attorney’s Association. (Registration
number 1412950)

In January 2011, joined The Dai-ichi Life Insurance
Company, Ltd., Machida Branch.

In mid-2007, registered to Yokohama City Board of
Education as a lecturer in Englishat local primary schools
for Yokohama International Communication Activity.

In April 2004, moved to London, UK. due to her husband’s
They moved back to Yokohama, Japan in May 2008.

Kaori Honda holds an Associate Degree in English 
Language and Communication from Doshisha Women’s College in 1994.